Exciting News! We are now open for business full time - see below for more info.

TTA Performance

Specializing in 1980-1981 Turbocharged 4.9 (301) Pontiac Trans Ams and Firebird Formulas.​ 


Exciting News to Share

TTA Performance is now open for business full time!

We will be expanding our services to all Pontiacs along with other classic and modern performance cars. 

Services being offered:

  • Fuel Injection Conversion
  • Custom Turbocharging
  • Custom Supercharging
  • Engine Rebuilding
  • Custom Designed and Fabricated Parts

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About Us

The Company


TTA Performance specializes in parts and services specifically for 1980-1981 Pontiac Turbocharged 4.9L (301 cu. in.) V8s found in the Pontiac Firebird Formula and Trans Am.

We also offer installation of our products along with general repair and maintenance of your Turbo 4.9.

We are interested in buying any parts specific to the Turbo 4.9.  Engines, engine parts, turbo lights etc. or even a whole car.  Contact us with what you have.


Our Team


This business started off as a hobby for me. I have been surrounded by cars all my life.  My dad was a  fan of Pontiacs and I was too growing up with our 1965 GTO. 

Later, I became a GM certified mechanic for several years before going back to school and getting an associate degree in engineering. But, being a car guy all my life I always find something to be involved with. 

I have had an interest in and experience with other turbo cars, and I noticed that there was not a lot of support or performance parts for the 301T engine.   I always heard how they were not very good peformers and always wondered why?

So, in my spare time, I saw how people had a problem with their failed PEVR  and I came up with a solution to repair them. I thought, if I can fix that, what else can I fix or improve on? 

After only offering a few parts, this business has grown into a larger entitiy and we truly are a family owned business.  My son joins me in the garage from time to time, while my wife takes care of the financials, website and everything behind the scenes. I still have my full time job, but really enjoy helping people breathe new life into their Turbo 4.9.

My Blog


Follow the story and saga of my 1981 black and gold SE.



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