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July 11th, 2019


It has been in storage too long. Usually I would have my cars out way before July, but we seemed to have a very late and wet spring and with customer's cars taking priority and all my time, I didn't have time for my car.

It is out of storage and was driven straight over to the shop.  Going to be installing some freshly restored front control arms with all new Moog bushings and ball joints.  I will also be installing some low mileage, used WS6 front springs.  Yes, this car was originally not a WS6. After the suspension install, I might take it to the local drag strip to bench mark it's performance before making modifications.  It will be slow with 5 psi of boost and everything stock, but you have to start somewhere.


July 20th, 2019


Made some progress and got the front control arms swapped out along with my set of used WS6 front springs.  Those parts store rental spring compressors are very sketchy.

Also replaced the front sway bar bushings and sway bar links.  The real surprise was that every part un-bolted.  Including the old sway bar links.  Usually you have to cut them off.  Cars from Texas are awesome!

After installation, the front end was aligned.  No more tire rub on dips and the steering wheel is straight.  It actually might ride just a little smoother now.

As you can see in the pictures, the rubber in the bushings was pretty much destroyed.


August 12th, 2019

Next on the list of things to fix on this car was the gas tank.  The filler neck was very loose in the tank.  Someone tried to epoxy or JB Weld it into place.  You can tell it was leaking if you filled the tank.  

Drained the tank and unbolted from the car.  Again, Texas cars are awesome.  They just come apart.  Found the build sheet on top of the tank.  It is a cool find, but I have the dealer invoice for this car too which is easier to read.

All back together and running good. 

Looking to take it to the local 1/4 mile drag strip next for some base line time slips.  Not expecting much for being all stock with small exhaust and only 5 psi of boost.


August 14th, 2019

Took the car to my local 1/4 mile dragstrip, Great Lakes Dragaway in Union Grove Wis.  Wednesday night happens to be ladies night where ladies can race for free and they have a guys vs. girls bracket racing competition.  On the drive out there, I did a little "test pass" and I could tell it was going to be slow.  But, I expected that being all stock and only 5 psi. 

First pass down the track resulted in an ugly stumble from the carb at the quick full throttle hit.  This caused a large delay in acceleration at the start which resulted in a 17.19 time slip.  Playing with the launch off the start to get around the stumble resulted in a 16.84.  Better, but not great.

I did enter the guys bracket race and made it to the final round but lost.