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Manual Boost Controller


Our manual boost controller delays the pneumatic actuation of the waste gate until maximum boost pressure is reached.  This allows the turbo to “spool up” at a quicker rate.  

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2.5" Turbo Down Pipe Kit


Improve the performance and breathing of your Turbo 4.9 Trans Am or Formula with our 2.5" mandrel bent, turbo down pipe. 

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Water-Alcohol Injection


Water injection has been around since WWII.  It is a great way to suppress detonation in the internal combustion engine.  

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Turbo Air Induction


The key to improving the performance of the Turbo 4.9 is to have as cool of air coming in as possible.  Since the turbo cars came equipped with a hood scoop, why not make it functional? 

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2.5" Exhaust "Y" Pipe


Continue to improve the performance of you Turbo 4.9's exhaust with our after cat, 2.5", mandrel bent "Y" pipe.

Currently out of stock.  Will be available 8/15/19

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Performance Head Gasket


TTA Performance offers these modified Fel Pro head gaskets. 

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Nitrous Oxide System


This nitrous system is used as an anti-turbo lag device. 

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Rebuilt Upgraded Turbo


TTA Performance has teamed up with G-Pop Shop to offer rebuilt, upgraded turbos for the 1980-81 Turbo 4.9s.  Our goal is to have a rebuilt turbo on the shelf and ready to ship to you. 

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4-Speed Flywheel


If you are looking to convert your Turbo 4.9 or non-turbo 301 to a manual transmission, we now offer a billet steel flywheel.  You no longer have to source a used 1979 301 4-speed flywheel for your conversion.

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Turbo Shorty Header System


Shorty header system for the Turbo 4.9 is now available.  This is the system that was tested on the dyno and provided a 25 lb/ft increase in torque over the stock manifold system. 

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180° Thermostat


The correct thermostat for your 4.9 Turbo.

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EGR Block Off Plate


EGR block off plate machined from 3/8" thick aluminum. 

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Aluminum Water Pump


New aluminum water pump with correct cast iron impeller.

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Boost Gauge Conversion


Send us your tachometer to have the clock converted to a vacuum/boost gauge. 

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1.65 Ratio Rocker Arms


Comp Cams Roller Rocker arm conversion kit (1.65 or 1.5 ratio) .

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Cam and Lifter Sets


 Comp Cam 252H cam and lifter set available. 

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Fuel Injection Conversion


FiTech Fuel Injection conversion with optional timing control. 

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Cylinder Head Conversion Head Gaskets


Custom designed copper head gasket to install conventional Pontiac cylinder heads on a 301 block. 

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2.5" Tail Pipe Exhaust Kit


2.5" mandrel bent tail pipes with 2.5" polished stainless steel splitter tips. Includes mounting brackets.

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