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PEVR Rebuild


If your PEVR has failed, you can send it to us to be rebuilt with a new diaphragm.  Broken vacuum ports can also be repaired on the top of the PEVR.  

ESC By Pass Board


The 1980 and 1981 Turbo 4.9 Trans Am and Formulas came equipped with Electronic Spark Control. 

Turbo Boost Lights


We offer replacement LED boost light panels, Retrofit kits, and replacement decal sets. 

Stainless Turbo Oil Line


This is a direct replacement turbo oil feed line.  It replaces the stock, bent steel line with a braided, stainless steel, flexible line. 

Plenum Coolant Hose


Replacement plenum coolant hose.

Cracked Manifold Repair


We now offer a brazing service to repair those cracks. 

Turbo Gasket Set


The turbo and intake gaskets are TTA Performance exclusive items. 

Down Pipe Bolts/Springs


New bolts and springs for the turbo down pipe are now available.  

Stainless Steel Fuel Line


This brand new fuel line goes between the fuel pump and the carburetor.  

1981 Manifold Donut Gasket


Since a replacement gasket is no longer available, we custom make a gasket to fit this 1 year only application. 

1980 Manifold Donut Gasket


Replacement gasket is available. 

New 301 Timing Cover


Why mess around with a used, corroded timing cover that may not even seal properly when you can purchase this brand new timing cover for your Pontiac 301 and Turbo 4.9.

1981 PROM Chip


If your 1981 301 Turbo is showing a fault code 51, the cause can be from a faulty PROM chip. 

Used Turbo and Non-Turbo Parts


Parts for sale.