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Water-Alcohol Injection


Water injection has been around since WWII.  It is a great way to suppress detonation in the internal combustion engine.  It especially works great on forced induction engines that can experience high cylinder temperatures.  Since the Turbo 4.9 is a “draw through” turbo, it makes it impossible to intercool the boost pressure before it enters the engine.  But injecting water or a water/alcohol solution can be used to “chemically” intercool the air and help suppress detonation. 

Our water injection kit is a low pressure design.  It introduces a mist of water and alcohol prior to the turbo compressor.  Since compressing the air in the turbo adds heat, the water vapor helps lower those temperatures through evaporation.  The alcohol acts as additional fuel.  This allows for higher boost pressures, without experiencing detonation, for more performance. 

The nozzle is mounted inside the air cleaner base.  It is almost completely hidden from view when installed.  It is controlled by an adjustable pressure switch that is included with the kit.  You can use distilled water or a water/methanol solution like basic, blue window washer fluid.  It is not recommended for straight methanol use. 

This system works great when used with our Manual Boost Controller

Our kit comes complete with reservoir, pump, nozzle, check valves, adjustable pressure switch, fuse and indicator lamp.

It is not recommended to use this kit if you are experiencing detonation issues at stock boost levels with premium fuel.  Other problems may exist and should be addressed before installing this kit.

 $160.00 (+shipping) TTA-008

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