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Manual Boost Controller

Maximum boost pressure is controlled by a pneumatic waste gate on the Turbo 4.9.  The factory set up allows for a slow and smooth ramp up of boost pressure.  Although it is a seamless increase in power, it does take time to get up to that maximum psi. The factory max boost pressure is supposed to be 9 psi.  Some have found their cars max boost pressure to be as low as 6-7 psi.  

Our manual boost controller delays the pneumatic actuation of the waste gate until maximum boost pressure is reached.  This allows the turbo to “spool up” at a quicker rate.  It also allows you to increase your boost pressure above the stock setting.  It does not allow you to lower it below the stock setting.  You can use this manual boost controller to increase it to the 9 psi (or more with supporting modifications) while also taking advantage of a faster spool up time.

Manual Boost Controller - $25.00 (free shipping to the lower 48 states) TTA-006

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