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Turbo boost Lights

Pontiac installed three lights in the back of the hood scoop of the 1980-81 Turbo 4.9 Trans Ams and Formulas.  Labeled "NORMAL", "MEDIUM" and "HIGH", they indicated when the turbo was building boost.  The NORMAL light is always on with the ignition key.  The MEDIUM light would illuminate around 2-3 psi of turbo boost.  The HIGH light would come on around 6-7 psi of boost.  There is a three position switch to turn the lights on and to set their brightness.  The switch (HI, OFF, LOW) was mounted in a plastic panel below the radio in 1980.  In 1981, the switch was relocated to just below the center console door behind the shifter. 

Not all 1980 model year Turbo 4.9's got the lights (RPO code UR4), but all 1981 turbo cars were equipped with the lights.  It has been said that there was a shortage of light panels early in the 1980 production run.  The lights were required for the RPO Y85 Indy 500 Pace Car, so in order to make sure there were enough lights for the Pace Cars, some Trans Ams and Formulas came equipped with out the lights.  In it's place was a die cast aluminum ribbed panel in the hood scoop.

The boost light panels tend to be very fragile and crack easily being made of plastic.  We have a replacement panel that is laser cut from 14 gauge steel and uses the factory mounting holes and screws.  The lights in this replacement are amber colored LEDs similar in size and shape to the original boost lights.  The panel now comes powder coated, with LEDs and our reproduction decals installed along with a short adapter harness to plug the LEDs into your original bulb sockets.  The LEDs dim, just like the originals, with your original switch.


Replacement LED Boost Light Panel

Replacement boost light panel laser cut from 14 gauge steel and uses the factory mounting holes and screws.  Comes powder coated black with decals and LEDs installed.  Adapter wire harness included to plug the LEDs into your original light bulb sockets.

Replacement LED Boost Light Panel - $140.00 (+shipping) TTA-004P


Retrofit LED Boost Light Panel Kit

We also offer our replacement boost light panel as a complete retrofit kit for those early 1980 model year turbo cars that never came equipped from the factory with them.  It includes the above replacement panel along with a custom wire harness, 2 adjustable pressure switches and a three position rocker switch similar to the 1981 switch.

Retrofit LED Boost Light Panel kit - $240.00 (+shipping)   



Replacement Decal Set

If you have a good, original boost light panel, but all your lettering is faded off, we offer a replacement vinyl decal set to restore it.  These decals are of the correct font and size as the original painted on lettering.  

 Replacement Decal Set - $15.00 (free shipping in the lower 48 states) TTA-003

We also can repair and restore your original boost light panel as long as there are no cracks going through any of the amber colored lenses and no large pieces are missing.  Contact us for pricing to have your panel restored.