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Turbo 301 Engine Rebuilding

Don’t settle for an engine rebuilder who asks “why do you want to waste your money rebuilding that boat anchor?”

Have TTA Performance rebuild your Turbo 4.9 for you.

With our knowledge of the Turbo 4.9, we will work with you to build an engine that suits your needs.  We work closely with our machine shop to make sure all machining is done to the correct specifications.  

Prior to assembly, TTA Performance measures all parts and clearances to check for accuracy.  We also offer custom engine components to give you reliability and performance for years to come.

Whether you are looking for a stock rebuild or a complete performance overhaul of your Turbo 4.9, TTA Performance can do it right.  


Basic rebuild includes:

-Complete tear down and evaluation of components

-Hot tank and cleaning of all components

-Polishing of crankshaft bearing journals

-New connecting rod and main bearings

-New camshaft bearings

-New Melling oil pump and pick up screen

-New Comp Cams 252H cam and correct 301 lifters

-New Comp Cams double true roller timing chain

-New chrome moly piston rings

-Complete 3 angle performance valve job with new valve seals, valve springs and resurfacing of gasket surface

-TTA Performance modified head gaskets

-New water pump with correct cast iron impeller

-BOP Engineering 1 piece Viton rear main seal

-BOP Engineering 1 piece oil pan gasket

-Fully painted

-Engine start up and camshaft break in available at additional cost.


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