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Turbo Air Induction

The key to improving the performance of the Turbo 4.9 is to have as cool of air coming in as possible.  Since the turbo cars came equipped with a hood scoop, why not make it functional? 

TTA Performance has designed such a system.  This kit is designed to look like a factory installation and does not require any modification to the hood or any factory components.  It can easily be removed and the air cleaner system be brought back to original.  No welding.  No drilling or cutting.  The system even uses your factory air cleaner base.


Features include:

  • Aluminum hood pan (slip fit design, no drilling required).
  • New, 14ga. steel, replacement LED boost light panel with air intake holes.
  • Chrome air cleaner lid.
  • K&N high flow air filter.
  • Air cleaner seal.
  • Adjustable boost light pressure switches.
  • Boost light on/off switch.


Air Induction w/lights - $475.00 (+shipping) TTA-010L

Air Induction w/o lights - $350.00 (+shipping) TTA-010

A perforated steel insert is provided in place of the light panel.

Custom pricing available if air filter is not needed.

This item is made to order.  Contact us for lead times.