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Cylinder Head Conversion Head Gaskets

There are major differences in the coolant passages between the 326-455 Pontiac cylinder heads and the 265-301 cylinder heads.  No gasket existed to allow for this conversion, until now.

TTA Performance is proud to offer custom, copper head gaskets, to install conventional Pontiac or aftermarket aluminum cylinder heads on your 301 block. 

These gaskets are made exclusively for us by SCE using our design. They are made with SCE’s ICS technology of having a small, stainless  wire inserted in the copper material around the bore diameter.  It acts like an o-ring without any custom machining of the head or block.  These head gaskets will be able to handle 20+ PSI of boost.

The only modification required to your block is to drill 3 holes in the deck surface of the block on each side.

These gasket will not work with 301 heads.

If converting to conventional cylinder heads, a custom fabricated, intake manifold will be required.  (We are currently working on this).

If you have any questions, or would like to order a set, contact us

 $275.00 pair (+shipping)